Best of Both Worlds, Part 2

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Best of Both Worlds, Part 2

Many people have the dream of being a movie star, famous athlete, or an entertainer. While others have dreams of being doctors, lawyers, teachers, or bankers.  I for one, have more than one dream that I intend to pursue.  When I was child, I didn’t want to be a career counselor when I “grew up”, but my childhood dream was to be a singer.  So, it would be great if I could figure out a way to sing and perform as I counsel college students on their choice of major or future professions, but that’s not realistic. As I have gained more life experience over the years, and made it through college and then through graduate school, my dreams evolved (especially as reality hit when that student loan payment was due!).  Eventually people end up doing a “job” or pursuing a “career” because of pressure to make ends meet. This is part of the process in career and professional development. The decision to pursue a more traditional, and what some might consider “safe” career path; or to pursue your dream is not an easy one.  In fact, it is one that both the old and young grapple with. 

For some, there is a choice that trumps all others… MOTHERHOOD.  As a single girl with two degrees under her belt, I thought I had it all figured out…or I could at least figure it out as I went along.  Then along came 2 children and my view on the world and what I am doing in it has been turned inside out!  Now, not only do I want to excel in my career, but there are all these pressures (mostly self-imposed) to be SUPERMOM and have SUPER over achieving kids! It’s all very exhausting.  Many women feel it’s virtually impossible to do both well. In fact there are some career paths where having children might just impede professional growth!

The choice of dream versus job or parent versus professional should not be a choice at all!   For me, the best of both worlds is being a fabulous mother and having a fabulous career. More specifically, that career is one that I strategically manage, perhaps one where I am the CEO and Founder and not just working for someone else.  I imagine the best of both worlds includes reaching out and helping others realize their dreams, while not punching a time clock!  For me, that also includes providing well for my children while I am an example of working for what you want.

 In the coming weeks and months, this blog will give examples of just how some people have made the commitment to pursue and fulfill their dreams, and also have very promising careers.  I’ll share resources that will guide those who want to embark on this journey and for those who are looking for ways to just make a career transition, which leads to a job that they actually can enjoy.

Be Blessed and Stay Tuned!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds, Part 2

    Jessica said:
    July 15, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Hello, friend! I am looking forward to reading some more! As someone who has 1 degree under her belt — I’ve hardly been able to use it — perhaps I picked the wrong one in many ways BUT I always thought I’d go on for a masters — still want to but I am scared! I don’t know what to pick for a major! Not only that, I have the time just not the money. and when I get the money — will I have the time? who knows?! anyway… that’s my struggle right now and I hope your blogs & info can set me on the right path & boost my confidence to realize my dreams!

      aspire2higher said:
      July 29, 2010 at 4:01 pm

      Hi Jess!
      First, thanks for supporting and reading my blog, I really appreciate it! I hope that by reading the things I post you can get inspired or find resources that can assist you as you make career decisions. Send me some suggestions for topics your’d like to hear about…maybe I can provide some insight for you. This blog is about aspiring to higher heights both personally and professionally. I encourage you (especially as a young wife and mother) to make your decisions based on meaningful thought and reflection on what it is you REALLy want out of life! Not just who you should work for and if you need another degree to get a better job. Don’t just think of this journey in terms of your career path, but take it a few steps further. Then (maybe), I can help you find things/jobs/activities or organizations that could be helpful as you try to pursue your purpose and passions.

      Stay in touch, keep reading and be encouraged!

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