Staying Relevant: 5 Tips for Surviving Unemployment

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Stand out even while Unemployed!

Below is a recent blog post from that also offers simple strategies for”not so recent” grads who are navigating their job search.

While I want my readers to be encouraged as they try to find and pursue their passions, I also would like to offer those of you who maybe job searching with some proven strategies I found to be effective during my own periods of unemployment and career transitions. I would be remiss if I did not share with you the importance of my marketability during the pursuit of my dreams. I have been unemployed for an extended period in the past, but learned some very valuable lessons as I searched for the “right “job.

One sure-fire way NOT to land the job you want is to appear under-qualified or plain old irrelevant! These 5 things helped me in my job searches and have also been mentioned by human resource professionals and/or recruiters to be essential for any job seeker, young or old (er).

1. Be in charge: YOU are the CEO of your own business, and now your business is getting a job! (Stay positive, stay focused, be organized and don’t be a PASSIVE job seeker…go out and meet people!)

2. Don’t Lose your Marketability: Stay current and fresh; Be knowledgeable & stay involved in your field and/or industry (For example, while I was unemployed once, I voluntarily wrote for an online newsletter about career related topics…which I shared with companies as I interviewed for positions. This gave me a bit of a competitive edge against other candidates!)

3. Consider New Things: Be open-minded about the industries you are applying to. Think about your transferable skills and qualifications and where you can use them. For instance, you don’t have to be a scientist to apply for “green jobs” all organizations are trying to be more green and environmentally friendly…do your research and apply for jobs outside of the industry you were “trained” to work in. There are also opportunities in STEM that perhaps an English major could qualify for with an ability to analyze information and communicate that analysis effectively. Keep an open mind.

4. Control your Personal Brand and Online Image: This includes all social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, etc. Be sure you are presenting a consistent image of yourself on all sites! Build you own Personal Brand, meaning what is your message? What are the most important things you would want an employer to know about you?Can they gather that from your online persona? Food for be blogged about later. For more info see the following link:

5. Get Involved /Be Active: Bottom Line Here is …be able to show that you are making the best use of your time! Employers want to see that you are actively doing something productive!

Ask me any specific questions about how you can stay relevant and competitive during unemployment or your job search! I welcome comments, questions, feedback, best practices from others, etc. It might be a tough job market but don’t sell your self short or settle for any job, always, ASPIRE 2 HIGHER!


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    Wanda said:
    August 4, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    There’s another one I heard on GMA yesterday. Volunteer, you could get hired if you work diligently and they like what you do. It’s a foot in a door.

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