Aspire2Higher As a Speaker, Pt. 2: The Element A2H

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Hello Friends,

It has been sometime since I’ve written….my apologies. However, I have worked diligently behind the scenes on the VISIONWORK that is Aspire2Higher Personal & Professional Development Services!  When I began this blog, I promised to share with you my stories as I pursue my passions and turn them into a career that makes a difference! Well, let me not tell this story through rose-colored glasses it has indeed been a struggle ! While I might be excited THIS week due to the party this weekend, I have had many moments of doubt, apprehension and frustration.  I am often exhausted at the end of my work day (because remember folks, I do have a 9-5 that is paying the bills!) and lately I have struggled to stay motivated to pull this all together!  This has been a whirlwind few months of meetings, phone conferences, research, paperwork, not to mention a holiday season with a 3 & 4-year-old!

Christmas w Kids 2010

Just yesterday, I picked my children up from school, whisked them off to Whole Foods Market for some pizza for dinner and tried to rush home for a meeting! All while they were sleeping in the backseat of my car. As I lifted each 40 pound sleeping child out of their car seat, I thought to myself, ” What are you doing? These kids are tired and they need  a real meal, a bath, and some quiet time with their mother!” My son was wailing the entire time we were in the market! I felt sooo bad for putting them through all the commuting to and from school (their school is an hour from my home due to traffic….but its a GREAT school!) and then my night-time “hustle”  to fulfill my dream one meeting at a time!  Again I ask myself, “what are you doing to these kids?”  Even through all of this, I can’t stop thinking about Aspire2Higher-so I stay focused on the bigger picture.  I believe that because GOD keeps this dream alive in my heart & mind while I might physically and emotionally be worn out, because it is HIS PURPOSE for MY LIFE!  And that my friends, is what I call the Element A2H….that is the essence of Aspire2Higher!  There is absolutely NOTHING like the peace of mind I get from knowing I am doing the work that I was meant to do.

As I told you guys back in October 2010, I am on a journey to becoming a respected & inspiring author/speaker; and this coming Saturday, January 8, 2011 marks the first official launch event for Aspire2Higher Personal & Professional Development Services, and I’m very excited!  I hope some of you (in the Philadelphia area) can join me for this black tie affair, where I will be introducing Aspire2Higher as a business for the first time!

Stay tuned for more A2H in 2011!

All the Best Friends,


2 thoughts on “Aspire2Higher As a Speaker, Pt. 2: The Element A2H

    Kimberly Walker said:
    January 6, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Stephanie, I’m so proud of you. I won’t be able to make your event this Saturday, but I am praying for your success. Keep on keepin’ on.

    Danielle said:
    January 7, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Hey Steph, Good luck on Saturday!!!! I wish I was in Philly so I could celebrate with you… Love ya girl! Continue to stay prayed up:-)

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