Beyoncé the IPO: Vision Work at It’s BEST!

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What follows is a well written TIME magazine article (June 27, 2011 issue) featuring none other than Beyoncé Knowles. If any of my readers/followers know me personally, than you know how much of a fan I am of her as an artist. What I do not often talk about is how much I admire her business acumen, her ability to be the market leader but most importantly execute a VISION!


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This author’s reference to Beyoncé as an IPO (what is an IPO?) struck a chord with me….this is the very reason that I have become such a fan! YES, admittedly I do enjoy the “Sasha Fierceness” she taps into during performances. However, the perspicacious way she penetrates the market each time she launches a new product (CD, clothing line, fragrance, etc.) and develops her brand is just IMPRESSIVE. The author of the article goes on to describe the release of her latest album, 4, as the announcement of an IPO. He likens each track to a “strategic investment” (Wolk, TIME, 2011). I think the world is finally catching on to the fact that her father/manager has been a genius at using much of what he learned from his corporate sales career all those years ago!

Vision Work at its BEST!

In my (perhaps warped) reality, I have viewed Beyoncé’s career as the epitome of executing what I have coined, “Vision Work”. Like her or not, she and her team have been able to effectively set their goals high, make consistent and purposeful efforts to achieve those goals, and stay focused on the VISION; all while effectively marketing the businesses or products that represent the brand/vision and have excellent PR! WOW….this sounds like a great case study all you business students!

So while I rock out to her hit singles with the rest of the world, I am also admiring this woman’s ability to be visionary! As a young child, she had a dream to be a singer, that dream became her reality and later became a carefully developed VISION which we are all witnessing be executed. For me, THIS is what Aspire2Higher as a movement is about! It is also what I aspire to for my business in (what I hope is) the near future.