Job Security: How To Bring Value To Your Employer

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“Job security comes not from your current employer, but from taking charge of your career and keeping yourself marketable.”

I once heard a self-made millionaire (Don Asher) tell an audience that very thing when discussing the job search process. I jotted it down as I took copious notes during his lecture, however it did not hit home for me until many years later. This became a principle that I lived by in my job search process. Also, as a career consultant and/or counselor, it is a premise that I try to have my students/clients work from.

I learned to make this my motto when leaving my first real job as a young professional. When my boss asked how much money it would take to keep me, I knew that he thought it would be difficult to replace me. Could he find another young career counselor, of course, but there was a certain value my work brought to the office. I was then able to network my way into the job that I wanted. This was the impetus of my journey in my professional development. It became clear to me that my skill set was a value not only to the office I was in, but could be viewed as valuable to any other company.

Taking charge of your career is simple, but should be taken very seriously. All it takes is a little attention to the details. Think of yourself as a business, product/service and treat your career that way. Pay attention to your professional development not just your current role as a student or employee. Keep record of your work. Specifically, track major projects, make record of any achievements, print thank you e-mails from your boss or co-workers and take leadership roles when possible. Everything you do in your job should be viewed as professional development.

What you should take from this quote if anything, make sure that you have a skill, quality or product/service that your boss needs. If you are an entrepreneur, then be sure that you are filling a gap in the marketplace unlike any of your competitors. In an economy like this one, we can and should only depend on ourselves for our livelihood. Whether you’re a new college graduate just entering the job market or a mid-level professional, your own professional development is where you should look for job security. The underlying theme here is Marketability. Make yourself not only a viable candidate in the job market, but also a desirable candidate. Your job security should be in your marketability.

If you are not sure how to do this, or have specific questions about how to stay marketable, check out some of my suggestions in one of my earlier posts (if you are unemployed).  For students, if you are curious about how to be marketable, check out the following website to learn how to BRAND YOU! Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions HERE! I invite questions or comments about how to take control of your career or keeping yourself marketable!



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