Lessons in The Form of Experiences: (L.I.F.E.) Series Pt 3 I’m Not Always Sure

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Hello Friends & Colleagues,

Well since my last post about Job Security and bringing value to your employer I was PROMOTED!

(Insert Applause here, LOL)

I have had so many things happen in the last few weeks that I’ve wanted to share but I really didn’t know where to start.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’ve promised to be honest here and SHARE my experiences as I Aspire2Higher, and in a very short period I have experienced peaks & valleys during this career move. Allow me to elaborate…….

In the field of higher education, promotion does not often come through receiving great performance reviews, or completing a management track like it does in other lines work, the career paths just aren’t that linear.  I say this to say, that while YES I was satisfied with and enjoyed my job, I was also job searching for many months, seeking out that “next level” position on my Aspire2Higher journey.   As I went through this process  I was receiving so much feedback from people about what I “should” do or “who else might be more qualified than me” that I started to worry and doubt my own abilities.  Meanwhile, conducting a very specific job search while trying to keep up a full-time position, blogging on the side and trying to write a book,  while also raising my children WAS VERY TRYING!  I am not writing  to complain to you though. I am writing to share some of my insights with you and hope to begin a conversation about facing FEARS in L.I.F.E.  without ceasing that pursuit of your goals.

Let me start by sharing what are my fears?

1. I don’t really know what I’m doing!

2. No one is going to buy a book from me, or see my business as a viable, reputable business.

3. I’m not being a good enough mother to my children!

4. I am going to SUCK at this new job!

Those are very big FEARS of mine,  that have specifically been playing tag with me in my psyche for many months now!  I am sharing these FEARS here with you all very publicly to empower myself (and others) to move beyond them. I realize if I do not move beyond these fears they will actually become my reality….and THAT is EVEN MORE SCARY!!

I must admit, in the last month or so, I have almost let my FEARS take over.  In all the craziness of being interviewed, evaluated & discussed, I was not so sure I was good enough to take on my new role. THANKFULLY, the hiring manager/search committee thought otherwise.  And as I have transitioned into this new position new doubts & fears have crept into my mind and I have dealt with my very first serious accident with one of my children!  I cannot tell you how THAT sent my mind reeling! I have since blamed myself of course saying….“This happened because I had too much on my mind; I didn’t pay enough attention”.  Well, I have to hope that as I move into this next level  that I can manage it all….with some help.  Being a leader or manager is going to be more demanding, but I accept the challenge. My children will still be my priority and this may conflict with my professional goals….but I accept the challenge!

The road I have traveled from being unemployed just 3 years ago, newly relocated with two small babies to becoming a Director of an office and a budding writer/entrepreneur has been rocky. I have not been sure of the outcomes 98% of the times that I put myself out there, but I am happy it has turned out the way it has thus far.  I’m learning and growing as I take on (or dream up) a new goal and I hope I’m encouraging others along the way.


Thanks for reading…….ASPIRE!

One thought on “Lessons in The Form of Experiences: (L.I.F.E.) Series Pt 3 I’m Not Always Sure

    trish~aaah Young said:
    September 18, 2011 at 2:13 am

    It is refreshing to share your story with you. There is so much despair going around.
    I like you are ontop of the world, trying to keep up with my passion for life and the universe has found its place for me . I have never been happier than to be living my dreams and passion.
    I found new ways of thinking to offfer my Boss new options and received a raise 6 months after becoming employed. While many positions were being downsized, I was given a raise. I had to keep a secret from co-workers but I can tell you.. whoo-hoo!!!
    YOU go girl!!!!!

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