A Day in the Life of a Career Counselor: The Conclusion?

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Although I am no longer being paid a salary to dispense career tips, I plan to continue to do so via this blog. There are many ways to define career counseling as a “job”, but I think like a career counselor naturally and apply that thought process to what I do, even in my current position as Director of Diversity for a college.  A career counselor doesn’t just help people find work, so if anyone is reading this because they are curious about “A Day in the Life of a Career Counselor” I would suggest reading the Princeton Review. They offer a thorough overview of what a career counselor does.  Since people still ask me questions about making career moves, I will write responses to those questions through this blog series.  I will also continue to write this blog series “A Day in the Life” from a different perspective.  I plan to write about my career questions and issues as an example of Creating Your Own Success in your Career Development thus being your own Career Counselor

So with that said, I have a TON of issues to discuss, but what are YOURS? 

Let's talk about your path!

Use this blog as a place where you can ask anything. Are you unsure if you are in the right career? What are the career options for someone with your set of skills and qualifications? Is there a career or industry you are considering and want to know how a career counselor would tell you to prepare for it? Would you guys like to see a blog posting where I take a resume (or CV)  find skills and make career suggestions based on the resume? I am giving this blog series to you! 

Don’t know how to reach me? Let’s turn Thursday evenings into “A Day in The Life of a Career Counselor” chats. I will put my career counselor “hat” back on to answer your questions; give you insight into your career quandaries, etc. Let’s talk about it all! Got problems with your boss? What do you do to solve it AND keep your career intact?  So, every 1st Thursday of the month I will devote to talk with you about all these things online. Let’s start an Aspire2Higher Twitter chat!

How it works:

  • Log on to Twitter.com the 1st Thursday of the month at 9pm

(You don’t have to have an account to follow the discussion, but you’ll need one to take part)

  • Tweet your questions to me by ending your tweets with #Aspire2Higher

(Example Tweet: Q. How do I tell my boss I’m looking for another position? #Aspire2Higher)

  • I then tweet answers to your questions using the same format, and others can chime in with their tweets too!

Well, until November 3rd, I’ll update you with my career antics. In the meantime gather your thoughts, questions and challenges and Tweet me on November 3rd at 9pm!


All the best,

Stephanie AKA