Lessons in the Form of Experiences—Afraid (L.I.F.E.) Series Pt. 4

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I write this post with emotion, but not with trepidation. I know this confession is the only way to take me & my VisionWork (Aspire2Higher) to the next level. Lately, I’ve felt the need to be transparent with those of you who read this blog regularly; and those of you who speak with me about the work I do. You see, while I have discovered my passion and have a clear vision, I have never in my L.I.F.E. been more AFRAID!

Afraid of what you might ask? I am seriously afraid of what I know GOD has pre-destined for me. It’s been more than a couple of years since I’ve realized what I believe to be my purpose. So here’s the thing, once GOD reveals your purpose, you’re accountable to fulfill that purpose. Talk about intimidating!!!

I know that I am on to something. I can see myself so clearly publishing & promoting books, starting a movement among young people to focus their lives on VisionWork, but I also know how much work it will take to get there and that’s intimidating. In my 9-5 I work with so many young people, some of which have entrusted me to help them succeed and that is intimidating. I actually STILL LOVE my job, even since being promoted. Since my responsibility has increased, so has my territory and accountability. I already have the potential to change and/or affect the lives of young people, and that too is intimidating.

Each day as I work and raise my children, I feel like GOD is preparing me for something. It actually frightens me to think I might be on the “right track”. Isn’t that ironic? While most people spend years searching for purpose, working in jobs they can’t stand, I count it as a privilege to know exactly where I’m headed!

With that said, I declare that I will not be afraid of success, but I will be afraid to NOT try my best. I share this publicly with you to ask that you keep me honest and hold me accountable. I invite you to make the same commitment to follow your dreams; to find & pursue your passions and do the work required.

L.I.F.E. is about discovering who we are meant to be in GOD especially. I only pray that I can be GREAT and do something meaningful with my L.I.F.E. What will you do with yours? I hope you’ll join me in the Aspire2Higher movement.

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