MERRY CHRISTMAS from Aspire2Higher!

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Sending warm wishes to you…my extended family and Aspire2Higher readers. I write this post to wish you a very Merry Christmas!






As I wind down on this Christmas day that I shared with my children and close family, I thought I would share with you some reflection.  I’ll start with a question…..

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year?

As most of you know, I am the mother of 2 small children.  Well,this year those little ones had some very specific Christmas wishes.  While “Santa” did supply lots of fun presents for our family, once I thought about it, my kids hardly got anything on their lists’.  What I also realized as our day ended was…they didn’t even notice!  Imagine that…..they didn’t really get what they wanted yet they are quite content with what they have…….AHA!!!

Lightbulb Moment:

Oftentimes, we don’t get all the things we want in L.I.F.E but what’s important is how you feel about and what you do with what you have!  This is a key take away from the Aspire2Higher movement.  All that I’d like you (and myself) to focus on are the key elements that make up Aspire2Higher.  This movement is about the journey to achieving dreams. To embody the elements of Aspire2Higher we must focus on the here and now and stay grateful for where we are on the journey.  If my kids had expressed anything less than gratitude for all the things they received for Christmas, I would have been inclined to take it all away from them. The principle is the same for our jobs, our lives, our gifts & talents, our careers, our desires. etc.  If all we can do is complain about our current position or our possessions, why should GOD or the universe continue to give us anything?

However, the premise of the Aspire2Higher movement is upward mobility for your personal & professional self.  It is about having Unapologetic Ambition, but this can be done graciously and with hard work in the role or current state your life is in.  No matter where you are….YOU have the capacity to ASPIRE for more…no one can take that from you. My L.I.F.E is not perfect, but I am so content with what GOD is doing in my life now because I know that I am moving forward on my Aspire2Higher journey.

As we prepare to begin a new year, consider joining me. Let us all embark on this journey together. There will be days that “Santa” doesn’t grant every wish on our list, but we have to be ready to stay prayerful and grounded through that time while still moving forward.

Here’s what I commit to publicly:

  1. I will communicate with you through this process-Via this blog and via #Aspire2Higher Twitter chats (every 1st Thursday) so bring your questions & thoughts!
  2. I will share resources- I commit to Aspire2Higher workshops, seminars and at least one full day conference (before mid 2013) to empower others with skills & knowledge

I’d LOVE to start this before the New Year kicks in! Some people lay low for the last week of the year, but if you are open to it….I am open for business!  I am offering to organize and facilitate ONE SEMINAR OR WORKSHOP THIS LAST WEEK of 2011!!!  If you are in  (or around) Philadelphia….let me know if you are interested by leaving a comment below….AND if you are outside of Philadelphia..we can SKYPE you in! 

For now, Merry Christmas & Aspire2Higher!

Stephanie & kids-Christmas 2011