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Hello friends, readers, and supporters of the Aspire2Higher blog!

WELCOME to the start of a REVOLUTION!!

You’ve seen the Occupy Wall Street, Oakland, & Philadelphia movement in its media frenzy.  I’m asking for your support during the genesis of …………


I welcome you to join this movement! If you are a person seeking ways to start your own revolution or revolutionary business, but uncertain how to communicate your dream to your family, your colleagues or a potential business partner…..the Aspire2Higher movement will be featuring many ways to get you ready.


Aspire2Higher can mean many things to many people. Some may take it very literal and define it in terms of the action or desire for the attainment of something more.  A lot of people ask me if it is about aspiring to get hired for a higher level job than one now holds.  People often ask that because of my background in career counseling.  Both of these are accurate descriptions but they are only ELEMENTSof the A2H Movement! (keep reading for the deets….)

Aspire2Higher began as just a notion in my mind years ago when I was a career counselor fresh out of grad school.  As I contemplated my career choices I began to write a book (yet to be published) about my thoughts and feelings as a new professional. It was out of this reflection and creative process that Aspire2Higher was born!  As I navigated the world of work, I began to develop a mindset that later became my mantra and what has grown into the A2H movement. I define Aspire2Higher as, being of the mindset that you are ALWAYS capable of doing & giving more!  It is the little voice in your head that drives you and tells you….your are great, but there is always something else to learn.  It is the belief that you can have any job you want if you prepare and work hard to attain the skills necessary.  It is having UNAPOLOGETIC AMBITION and the tenacity to endure the rigorous process of preparing yourself for what has been predestined as YOUR PURPOSE!

As I continued to manage my journey & professional development I took the time to actually analyze my decisions.  I began taking note of aspects of my work that I liked and dis-liked, where I excelled and where I had potential to grow. In all this analysis and reflection GOD finally revealed to me what I was seeking… purpose which has taken the shape of Aspire2Higher Personal & Professional Development Services (the business) and the A2H Movement which is happening through this blog.

Overall, my goal is to infiltrate the fabric of society (specifically young professionals) with the ELEMENTS for Success or A2H.  

I will reveal each of the ELEMENTS of A2H through my blog, seminars & speaking engagements throughout the year.   I hope you stay tuned in, join the movement and invite others to do the same.  If you are in or around the Philadelphia area, you are invited to register for the inaugural workshop of this movement.  You can register for my workshop “COMMUNICATE YOUR PASSION”  which will be held on January 20, 2012.  THERE’S A LINK TO REGISTER in the menu over HERE———-> 

Hope to work with many of you on this movement!


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