I Believe in Dreams!

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“The future belongs to those who BELIEVE in the BEAUTY of their DREAMS!”

I originally wrote this post in the summer of 2010 and it feels even more real almost two years later!  The above quote sums up why I wrote this post and why I am sharing it again.


In 2010 I was just beginning to form the VISION that my dreams were revealing to me.  I came to the realization around this time, that YES I am supposed to be working in higher ed, but that I could also combine my career with my PASSIONS!  I also realized that what I was passionate about was BELIEVING IN & LIVING MY DREAMS and helping others to do the same. (college students, seasoned professionals and youth alike)

At one time I used to question if I had anything to offer and here I am in 2012 initiating a MOVEMENT-the Aspire2Higher MOVEMENT! This blog and this post specifically, is the impetus of a huge movement and I’d like to thank you for being part of building it.


I also want to keep you motivated so that WE can look back in another two years and say WE GALVANIZED the “non-believers” and self doubters into their own VISIONWORK

I invite you to re-read (or for my new followers-read) the below post and tell us that you BELIEVE in your dreams and in the power of this MOVEMENT!

Please share your comments!

I Believe in Dreams!.