A Quick Message About GIFTS, PASSION & CAREER

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Tonight I was inspired by the BET Awards (believe it or not)! I am a lover of music, so I tune in to all music award shows. Tonight however, one poignant moment that stands out for me was when gospel artist Yolanda Adams took a moment out of her acceptance speech to caution all the younger “popular” people attending the awards to “use your gifts responsibly”. I thought, YES! What a moment! So many of our youth listen, follow and try to emulate what they see in the media, that those who are setting the trends should take heed to be RESPONSIBLE WITH THEIR GIFT from GOD!

My mind immediately started working on how this message translates to the Aspire2Higher Movement! I started writing this blog ( and trying to write a book or two) because I wanted other people to hear, read and learn from my journey as I transform my GIFTS from GOD into a career.  I try to do this by using my natural abilities (or PASSIONS) to do the best work I can in each position I am blessed to receive.  This is the motivation behind the Aspire2Higher Movement!

As I have spent much time (i.e. paid my dues) by going through the necessary preparation (college, grad school and other training) for my VISION I have been ever mindful of where I was being led by GOD. I have not always been in cities that I loved working glamorous jobs, in fact, its been the opposite!  I have spent many years away from my family and what was comfortable and familiar to me. I believe that GOD took me to those places so that I could be STILL and realize the VISION he was birthing in me-through my career.

The “Quick” Message:

I won’t bore you with my interpretation of this. I recognize that my “giftedness” is in identifying and developing career plans and not in trying to teach messages from GOD. However, below I have shared 2 links with you to read a more in-depth article about this very message I am trying to convey.I found these articles on the Student Volunteer Movement and they describe very well how we all should be using and developing our gifts in service to others and ultimately the body of Christ.  This is what Yolanda Adams reminded us of tonight on the BET Awards. The work that we do-even if we aren’t stars or in the public eye- should be to the benefit of humankind (in some way).  We have a responsibility to not only USE OUR GIFTS, but do so in service of others.




How many of you can relate to this message?

Are you still identifying your gifts?

Have you connected your GIFTS, & Passions  to a career?  


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