Social Media Can Make You Smarter!

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We all know that social media has been around for both personal and business use for several years already. Yet, I am still surprised by how many people still underestimate and under-value the depth of social media. There are still way too many people challenged by social media like it’s the modern-day rubik’s cube!

Even within my professional network of people with varying levels of education, many lines of work within multiple industries, I hear from folks who think they have no use for social media. That boggles my mind! EVERYONE, no matter what level of experience, or type of work can benefit from using social media….if used appropriately.

I will take this even a step further and venture to say that EVERYONE CAN LEARN from social media!

For example:

Educators/College and University faculty/professors
can not only use social media to engage their students outside of the classroom, but they can also use social media to share their published research, to read other relevant publications, share course updates via Facebook and gather information through social bookmarking activities.

Television personalities, producers, or writers can use social media to communicate with their audience. With social media they have a way to hear directly from them about what they want to watch or what they don’t wish to see on television. However, there is also opportunity for tv producers/writers and the like to engage in dialogue with each other about the industry through specific LinkedIn groups or TV network Facebook pages.

Medical Professionals, such as doctors & nurses lab technicians and physicians assistants can (and do) use social media for very practical reasons, like scheduling appointments and sending reminders or invoices. What some may not know is, that there are several social networking sites and uses specific to the healthcare field. Some medical professionals are using social networking sites to conduct case studies, share stories and help each other solve medical cases!

These are just a few ways that a variety of professionals benefit from using social media. But as I mentioned earlier in this post, I believe that social media is not only fun and engaging, but it can make you smarter. I for instance, used social media to discover how to blog. I use social media everyday to read about what’s happening in the world and what is relevant in my line of work. I use sites like Twitter to stay up to date on issues that would affect my life and my work. With the creation of social media, people’s access to learning has grown drastically, however, the average user only views and shares pics with their immediate connections. Well, I’ve always believed that when you know better you do better, so I challenge you after reading this to DO BETTER with social media! I want everyone who reads this blog post to find a new way to use one of your favorite social media sites TODAY!

I declare today, that no matter what you do for a living, YOU can learn and even advance your goals through intentional social media use. If the best brands in the world can use social media for business…why can’t you? If the President of the United States can advance his goals through social media….why can’t you? If a single mother, working at a small private college can use social media to grow a business….why can’t YOU?

Well, I say you can. I challenge anyone who reads this post if you cannot think of a reason or a way to use social media to get smarter, to advance your goals or to improve your work, CHALLENGE me to help you! Post on the Aspire2Higher Facebook page the reasons why you CANNOT use social media in these ways or if you feel that you CANNOT use Facebook in your specific line of work, and I will personally respond with suggestions!

Now go forth and get smarter with social media!

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