SEPTEMBER is Self Improvement Month!

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Aspire2Higher is ALL about IMPROVEMENT!  September can be a really stressful month with school starting back up and summer (vacations) coming to an end. Why not begin the month with SELF IMPROVEMENT in mind?

Do you have something in your life (personal or professional) that you’d love to change, improve, increase or decrease? As a full time higher education professional, my life is about to be on FULL TILT with a new semester starting. One goal I have for myself this month is to improve the way I communicate my goals,and how I communicate with people who work with me and under my supervision.  I also have been secretly trying to improve my “MOM” skills.  I want to be better prepared for my week to provide better meals for my children and spend more quality time with them.  I’ve always wanted to get better in these areas.

Let’s spend time this month focusing on the things that can help us achieve our goals! This includes reading great books, or blogs, trying new things and learning something new.  Self improvement month can be about whatever you want!  I invite you all to share here what you’d like to do for self improvement month.    Just remember this: Self Improvement is about the process of improving your thoughts, your status or your mind through your own efforts.  This should not be stressful or overwhelming if you pace yourself.  A popular piece of advice you will hear from successful people often is do something daily towards the achievement of your goals.

Notice the words that stand out the most in the image above…..IMPROVE EVERYDAY LIFE. So start there.


Happy Self Improvement Month!