The Aspire2Higher Movement-Summarized

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As we close the year 2012, I thought it was an opportunity for me to provide clarity to my followers/readers on the A2H Movement.  This blog/business and movement began about 3 years ago and has gained a minimal support. In order for a movement to be GREAT, those involved must be clear about the PURPOSE & GOALS.


The goal of the A2H movement is for people to begin thinking differently about work.  Another one of the goals for the Aspire2Higher movement   is to re-define traditional careers in people’s minds!  The key take away from this movement is, not to allow your own fears (nor fear & judgement from others) to prevent you from re-defining traditional and creating your own success!

The Aspire2Higher Movement is about possessing some key elements of success, some of which includes having Unapologetic Ambition and Taking Charge of your Career!  We are not all born with the ability and resources to be young moguls right away….but I believe we are all born CAPABLE and become GREAT LEADERS AND ENTREPRENEURS through PERSISTENCE of GOOD HABITS and VISIONWORK!

I want EVERYONE who works to have the same enjoyable yet challenging experience I have had in my career journey. Imagine if EVERY person in the world went to work HAPPY about the CONTRIBUTION they were making to the world.  I believe this is possible and this movement will take us there!

HOW CAN YOU….Themovement

  1. You have already taken the first step by reading this blog.
  2. The next step is by spreading the word!  Tell all your family, friends and colleagues about our efforts to infiltrate our society with the ASPIRE2HIGHER MOVEMENT!  Those of us who already have defined VISIONWORK, and UNAPOLOGETIC AMBITION in working towards your VISION….it is our job to tell others how the gain that same sense of “Career Self Esteem”, which is the A2H mentality.
  3. If you are struggling to define your MISSION, & VISION, reach out to us and we can help you in developing your “message” and discerning your VISION.
  4. To further the movement please also talk about it on social media using the following #hashtags: #A2H #Visionwork #Aspire2Higher  Continue to learn and share dialogue on our Facebook Page and PLEASE follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

To all those with questions and fears I say…….TRUST THE PROCESS-and sign up for A2H services.   These things are part of defining what your purpose, passion, and contribution will be.