I Believe in Dreams!

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This post written years ago is still my motivation! What do YOU believe in?

Aspire2Higher (a2h)

Someone asked me recently what do I most deeply believe, what moves me and motivates me. All I could think of was the pursuit of dreams!

I believe that dreams are attainable!   But, they often elude us because we are not ready for the journey. 

 This thought has always been sort of my mantra. It plays in my mind like the undertone of a dramatic movie score…that my dreams are REAL…even when others don’t agree! It really grinds my gears when people tell me I can’t; or you’ll never be able to do that. Instantly, inside I’m laughing at them as my movie score begins to play and I embark on the journey to attain the unattainable!   Let me put this in context. As a sophomore in college, I left school and went home to work, as my family wasn’t able to afford the rising costs of my “private liberal arts” education…

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