My High School BFF-Throw Back Thursday

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Tweet me (@stephaspires) your #TBT
Tweet me (@stephaspires) your #TBT

Last week I was cleaning out an old notebook. I came across an email from my high school BFF who happens to also be a blogger over at (go check her out)…. but I digress.  The email was from 5 years ago and my BFF sent it to me to give me a little “push ” via email.  See 5 years ago, I was just realizing that A2H was my purpose…at that time I was creating and formalizing my dreams!  The email was short and sweet.  At the time a few of my friends were reading every book that author and life coach Iyanla Vanzant would put out.  My BFF shared a passage with me in that she found particularly powerful.

Not sure if she knows…but it was very impactful. I saved it because it moved me so much at that time. I share it with you now in hopes that it is just as impactful for someone else!  


Hey Steph,

I am reading an awesome book-again- called “Value in the Valley” by Iyanla Vanzant and there was a passage that struck me with so much power I had to share it! Love you much.


Passage From Value in the Valley by Iyanla Vanzant

….”The key is commitment. Many people treat their purpose as a hobby and their job as a way of life.  You must be committed to your purpose even when it does not pay well.  Each day, you must commit a certain amount of time to your purpose, your talent. ….Be able to see how what you do can be, will be, of value to the world. That dream should not hinge on making money. It should hinge on your love of what you do and your willingness to give yourself doing it…..What each and everyone of us does have is the opportunity to spend  some part of everyday giving ourselves to the thing we love.”


This email is still impactful to me 5 years later. I share it as my #TBT post because I want to know who was your BFF 5 years ago and do they still have impact in your life?  Be sure you spend time building meaningful and lasting relationships, so you too can share my sentiments when I say, My BFF is better than yours!