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ReCognizing our Relationship with Work

We’d like to see organizational leaders utilize the Elements of Success as part of their employee engagement programs, in their diversity, equity & inclusion work, their professional development and talent management initiatives. We have a 7 Step Model for improving workforce and workplace cultures


Your imagination should be the compass by which you navigate your life. Use it as a guide. Then tap into your creativity to paint what you imagine into existence!

Self in relation to others

This blog and online community is based on the title of my company, Aspire2Higher. The work of the company has been designed around a set of nouns, characteristics, traits or ,as I call them “elements of success”; the framework describes that these elements, when embodied will equip people to define and create the success theyContinue reading “Self in relation to others”

Aspire2Higher’s Connection to Hip Hop

I have been utilizing hip hop as a cultural marker in my work to connect with a diverse student population. Our T-shirts are meant to amplify the voices and experiences of those students.

Introducing A2H, The Elements of Success

imagine if every person had a personal VISION, and work connected to their PASSIONS that they could use as an internal compass to navigate not only the world of work but their pursuit of personally defined success. With this internal compass and personal definition of success, people would not need to look outside of themselves to navigate their careers


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