A2H Career Boot Camps!


Experience the Aspire2Higher difference!

Our career boot camps are powerful experiences that provide strategic solutions to any career obstacle or predicament! In these boot camps you will exercise your creativity in your job search, examine your skill sets, strengthen your “interviewing muscle” and develop solid career plans!

To get (and keep) your career on target in these tough times, it is important to remain highly motivated. One way to do that is to REMAIN MARKETABLE!

An A2H career trainer can come to you to train you in person! Host a boot camp class at home, in your church, your office, etc. and the host has their training fee waived!! A2H can travel to train you just like a personal trainer for your career!

The cost is just $35.00 (per person) for a 2 hour training session. Get started right away by attending Aspire2Higher Boot Camps!

•resume critique
• brief mock interview
•review of social media profiles AND
•tools, tips, and strategies to equip you with the Elements of Success!

***One star student in each session will win a special Aspire2Higher gift bag!


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