A Day in The Life of Aspire2Higher

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Today was definitively The Most challenging days of work I’ve had in a long time. I literally needed to be in 2 places at one time! Today was National Day of Silence (4/20/2021) and it was also a very busy day of strategic planning meetings. The Day of Silence activities were planned and run under my direction & supervision. There was also the responsibility of being a Director involved in essential college planning that I had to contend with. I arrived to work a bit early and immediately went into action……I was up and moving, talking, strategizing, and interacting from sun up to sun down today. Needless to say, I’m beat!


I am sharing this with you because I am also conversely excited and energetic!

I realize that I am fortunate to not only have a promising career, but to have one that I am actually proud of and get personal fulfillment from. This is one of the varied reasons that I started the Aspire2Higher Movement. The goal of the movement is for people to begin thinking differently about work.

I want EVERYONE who works to have the same enjoyable yet challenging experience. Imagine if EVERY person in the world went to work HAPPY about the CONTRIBUTION they were making to the world.

Before the skeptics begin……let me address your rebuttals and questions:

*Is everyday like this for me at work…..NO
*Will there be frustrating days……YES
*Do I ever question my work, contribution or purpose…….YES

To all these questions and fears I say…….TRUST THE PROCESS! These things are part of defining what your purpose, passion, and contribution will be.


3 Essential Skills for ANY Career!

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All bosses enjoy having people on their team who contribute to the bottom line.  If you notice your team members or even your boss struggling with something that might come easy to you, gently offer your assistance.  As you go about the business of doing your job, periodically observe the system.  If you notice weakness or opportunities for improvement make a note and get to work at finding a solution! After you find what you think is the answer, test it out. For example, in my job one of my observations was that our customers weren’t using our online system because it was down right confusing! As I worked through my tasks each week, I set aside time to “test/tweak” the system.  I found ways to make our system/site more user-friendly and appealing. I eventually showed it to my boss (in beta), provided the team with instruction on how the improvements worked, and explained why those changes were beneficial.  My boss agreed and we updated the site which in turn gets much more traffic.  The moral of the story is, find solutions, work out the kinks first and show your boss the benefits! This should minimally give you a positive rating during performance review time!

PASSION (well, that IS what this BLOG is all about!!)

While helping to solve problems might yield high ratings, it won’t give  you a winning personality!  Passion will take you even further in the quest for career/professional success.  Passion for what you do will make tough tasks and long days easier to bear.  It will also keep you going as you deal with the sometimes mundane activities we all get bogged down with, like e-mail, reports and staff/team meetings!  Passion and excitement are contagious, you might even make  work more enjoyable for the people around you.  if you aren’t in a job that you are passionate about (CALL ME-I can help you), focus on things you enjoy about your work.  More importantly, be a pleasure to work with and/or for.  When the people you work for, the clients/customers you serve always speak highly of you—->you are WINNING (A little Charlie Sheen humor)!


Lastly, I think that innovation is the cornerstone of business. It keeps the economy, industries and business moving forward!  What does that mean for you-well simply stated, BE INNOVATIVE!  More specifically, innovation is a quality that can manifest in many forms and in many lines of work. What I am suggesting is that you think critically AND creatively! Many employers report those two things as characteristics they seek in candidates across all industries.  A few simple ways to do this are to stay “fresh” and current, especially in technology.  Overall, find creative ways to make work easier, efficient, effective and fun for you, your team and your boss.