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Where providing YOU with The Elements of Success is our Service!

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The A2H Movement is about possessing some key elements of success; some of which include having Unapologetic Ambition & VisionWork!

Owner & Founder of Aspire2Higher, Stephanie Reed

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What We Do

We are a three part business:

The A2H Movement:

Infiltrating society with The Elements A2H! The Aspire2Higher Movement is empowering people to take charge of their careers & create their own success! We have an educational & leadership development program (Community Scholars) training students to Embody The Elements of Success and more!


We are launching the A2H Youth Empowerment Program & the A2H Young Professionals Network. We host the Hip Hop IS Higher Ed podcast and Raleigh’s Hip Hop IS Higher Ed Symposium

Training & Consulting:

Based on The Ready to D.I.E. Leadership Rubric we provide trainings & consult organizations to assess individual & organizational readiness for diversity, inclusion & equity capacity building (D.I.E.). We specialize in equipping people to Embody The Elements A2H


A FALSE NARRATIVE about education & work.

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People have placed too much hope in the educational system (k-16) and our public education systems and higher education do not deliver on its promise of “The American Dream”. Additionally, that “American dream” didn’t include the needs & experiences of BIPOC. People are exiting those systems still largely unprepared for building the lives they have imagined. As a result, we have huge disparities in the global workforce and people (young & seasoned) get stuck in careers/jobs without a plan for economic shifts and environmental factors (like a pandemic). The diverse & intersectional identities of the people this is affecting also magnifies the diversity, inclusion & equity issues in organizations, in the workforce and in talent pipelines. Aspire2HIgher’s unique approach to personal & professional development (and diversity training) can help!

The Solution:

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What Clients & Partners are Saying

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Excellent Teacher”

Stephanie is an excellent teacher. I took two of her Social Media for Business courses and and learned so much because she was really good at explaining the concepts as well as demonstrating how to apply them to my business.

Emilie,from Philadelphia, PA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Delivers an “on time” message EVERY TIME”

I asked Stephanie to come speak to my professional association about leadership development for administrative professionals. Stephanie’s message of The Elements of Success was right on target! We are very happy with the value that she added and I would recommend Stephanie to speak to your organization or professional society.

Mary Anne Agnew, PA Chapter of IIAP

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic leader”

Stephanie is a consistently brilliant, compassionate, focused, productive and energetic leader and group facilitator. I’ve worked closely with her to advance the lives of college-aged adults.

Dr. Thomas Gordan, of TAGA Consulting