How it started vs How it’s going: The Evolution of A2H

This movement got its start many years ago, as just an idea in my mind. Believe it or not, I simply created Aspire2Higher as a result of several phone conversations with a friend about our goals. I decided that I would have a philosophy that I would live by in my ambitious twenties and I use to tell myself to Aspire2Higher! Later, as began to take this on as my personal mantra, and as I struggled to find my path as a 20-something, I started a blog. I used to write about my experiences with work, sharing my thoughts and reflections much like I am still doing. (This is how it started!) My blogging days have since slowed down a bit, but Aspire2Higher has definitely grown and evolved into much more than a blog.

How its going–A2H has been through (what I think) is a beautiful evolution! The premise and foundation of A2H has remained the same. So I often say, we not new to this, we TRUE to this! It gives me great pride to be able to say, I’ve been growing, and nurturing a vision that is truly larger than what I initially imagined. Sharing my career journey through the Aspire2Higher blog gave me a reason to practice self reflection, effective questioning and introspection so that I could deliver effective messages and career motivation to my audience. As my career path shifted and I gained new knowledge and work experiences, all of that was funneled through my A2H mind and what you all see today as Aspire2Higher a more fully formed business has emerged.

I did not write this post to brag, but to demonstrate and provide a testimony of sorts. A small idea planted in the back of your mind, could be just the thing that leads to your life’s work! I’ve been so diligent and careful with the seed God planted in my mind called Aspire2Higher that now, I fight with myself to slow the pace at which ideas come! The ways that A2H has evolved has come from my self awareness and my ambition, but also my tolerance for ambiguity. I did not have a clue that God had plans for me to be a diversity, equity & inclusion professional, but it has been a VALUE ADD to my professional growth. It is also become a value add to Aspire2Higher’ s business model. I always knew that I would be involved in self help and personal development in some way, but I could not imagine (back in the anguish of my twenties) that I would have the mental fortitude to develop a comprehensive framework for success. But God knew better! The image above is a quick summary of The Elements of Success.

If you haven’t, I encourage you to click through a few places on the website to see the ongoing evolution of Aspire2Higher! There are so many programs and services and new resources being developed each week so that we can be a VALUE ADD to YOU!

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I am a single mother with drive, ambition and over 12 years experience in career development and higher education. During my "wonderful" twenties, I ventured out of the world of academia and entered the sales profession. I served as a Territory Sales Manager for Philip Morris, USA. I later returned to the college campus as the Assistant Director of the Co-operative Education and Career Services and since moved on to become Director of Student Diversity at a small private college. I am also currently completing my first book, which is self-help/personal development.

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