Rank Us! The Elements of Success

These are THE ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS–The Elements A2H!

For our readers who have followed us for a while, this is a review post. And to any new visitors/subscribers/readers, WELCOME, get comfortable 🙂 I invite you all to (re)familiarize your self with The Elements of Success. Over the course of my long career in higher education, and as a career counselor who worked with college students and employers/companies seeking new hires, I took stock of what skills and qualities gave people career resilience and adaptability. This framework for personal and professional success is also based on the things that have given me deep personal satisfaction in my career development over time. I have written many times about the Elements of Success, because they are the foundation upon which I have developed my business. (Check out older posts here)

In the last year, we launched a PODCAST where each month we dive into conversations about The Elements A2H. I am dropping by your inbox today to ask for YOUR input into an upcoming A2H podcast episode! You ready to be part of the podcast production team?

The next episode of the podcast is titled, TOP FIVE; and I’m asking our followers, listeners (and visitors) to rank the Elements of Success! Please assist us in preparing for discussion for an upcoming episode (available Friday June 17th) by telling us how you would rank THE TOP FIVE ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS! If you need some help to participate, check out the list above (from the graphic above) or spend some clicking through the website.



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I am a single mother with drive, ambition and over 12 years experience in career development and higher education. During my "wonderful" twenties, I ventured out of the world of academia and entered the sales profession. I served as a Territory Sales Manager for Philip Morris, USA. I later returned to the college campus as the Assistant Director of the Co-operative Education and Career Services and since moved on to become Director of Student Diversity at a small private college. I am also currently completing my first book, which is self-help/personal development.

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